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We won't be your one-stop source of anything and everything related to the fascinating and highly rewarding world of vaping, because we encourage you to look around and experience this amazing world from different angles. However, check back here often as we like to post articles that range from the best vaping practices to the hottest new products on the market, including our specialty: e-liquids. Enjoy =)

South Australia Government to decimate local vaping Industry

The largest e-cigarette industry in Australia will be 'decimated' after the major political parties have unified to make South Australia the first Australian State to ban sales online or by mail, phone, email and even fax.

7 Ways to stop your coils burning

Whether you’re a newbie vaper or a seasoned cloud chaser, there’s one thing that all vapers hate: the unmistakable taste of a burnt coil.

Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) VS Artifical Tobacco Flavours

Most tobacco e-liquids are going to contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, along with the tobacco flavoring. But how it gets its flavour is where the big difference lies.

PG vs VG: Whats that all about?

Vaping terminology, as with any industry lingo can be a bit overwhelming to understand at first, so in this article we are going to explain the differences between the two most widely used e-liquid bases: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

Travelling to Thailand? Be Warned!

Be warned people, recent arrests have again shown that Thailand is deadly serious about its ban on vaping products.

Our Custardtopia is a winner!

You little ripper! We are very fond of our custardtopia and receiving the silver premium quality seal from Vapers Garage really makes us proud!

Vaping Saves Aussie Lives!

Vaping with the use of an e-cigarette as an alternative to smoking is currently seen by governments in Australia as something that needs to be banned.

The Vapers Garage Salted Caramel Review

Salted Caramel is quite a popular flavour now-a-days, there is Salted Caramel ice cream, milk shakes, even sweets. There is just something about adding salt to a typical sweet dessert that gets the taste buds going crazy!

The ridiculous Australian ban on nicotine eliquids

Topher Field explains just how ludicrous it is to ban nicotine vapes in Australia.

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