South Australia Government to decimate local vaping Industry

Buying e-cigarettes through any means other than a face-to-face transaction is set to become impossible as South Australia introduces the tightest regulations in the nation.

The largest e-cigarette industry in Australia will be 'decimated' after the major political parties have unified to make South Australia the first Australian State to ban sales online or by mail, phone, email and even fax.

In-store vaping and taste testing also will be outlawed - absolute insanity!

AVATAR chairman Savvas Dimitriou said the "destructive and harsh ‘nanny state’" move by legislators in South Australia would destroy the industry and the health of smokers who were encouraged to switch to vaping.

This move by misguided politicians flies in the face of the fantastic success seen in many other parts of the world, where cigarette smoking has declined sharply in favour of the 95% safer alternative, vaping

"We have been demanding responsible regulation of this industry for years... and they are throwing it back in our faces by killing off one of the largest contributors to the state’s economy" Mr Dimitriou told journalists

"South Australia holds the highest concentration of vape shops with about 80 vendors. Some of Australia’s largest vape shops are based in South Australia and operate on a local, national and international scale."

"This marks the death of an industry in South Australia and the lives of thousands of smokers."

University of New South Wales associate professor Colin Mendelsohn said the “harshest laws in Australia” passed by the SA parliament “protects the tobacco industry from competition and make it even harder for smokers to transition to vaping, a much less harmful alternative”.

What can you do?

Get behind iniatives such as Legalise Vaping ( where you can contact your local mp. Alternatively, you can support advocacy groups such as the New Nicotine Alliance ( Both organisations are fighting for your right to vape, but we all need to band together so the politicians rethink their stance!

Stand up Australia, Act Now!


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