This is concentrated flavoring and should be mixed with PG and/or VG before vaping. The recommended percentage for DIY is 5-8%

RY4 is one of the oldest e-liquid flavors for vaping. It has a a rich history and it continues to evolve as e-liquid artisans update this profile with new twists.

RY4 is a flavor profile that incorporates three basic component flavors: a tobacco base, caramel, and vanilla. 

The term RY4 comes from the original e-cig produced by the Ruyan Group Ltd. Ruyan launched the first production electronic cigarette on the market back in 2004 under the Ruyan brand.

Here's a snippet from the RY4 Forum:

“The very first RY liquid was created in a single afternoon by two men: Ludo, one of the owners of Janty, and a Chinese flavor chemist, presumably working for Dekang. They started in the lab of a Dekang factory in China with some basic flavors they both agreed on and made various "test juices" tweaking the recipe along the way. After about four hours, they came up with the one they liked best, and they christened it Ruyan 4—" the name was abbreviated to RY4."

Flavour Style Smooth Drum Tobacco
PG/VG Blend 70/30
Size 30ml

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