Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) VS Artifical Tobacco Flavours

Most tobacco e-juice/e-liquids are going to contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, along with the tobacco flavoring. But how it gets its flavour is where the big difference lies.

Flavoring can come from two sources: naturally-extracted methods or artificial means – and there is monumental differences between the two.

Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) Flavours

Ever have a banana milkshake that contained actual bananas? The result is a treat that actually tastes like the original fruit, with the sweet and flavorful deliciousness for which banana's are renowned for. This basic concept also applies to naturally extracted tobacco or NET e-liquids.

The preparation of such authentic flavours start from the source, real tobacco plants and leaves. Whilst there are quite a number of various techniques, we prefer to use a method known as cold maceration. Cold maceration basically involves chopping the dried leaves of tobacco plants, and steeping them in Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) for months on end. The end result is a true tobacco flavour with all the complexity and nuances preserved perfectly.

This is truly a method which captures the true taste and essence of fresh tobacco - the good stuff! BEFORE its bastardized by the thousands of chemicals that commercial tobacco products contain.

Not only does NET e-liquids capture that fresh tobacco taste, but it also captures the individual differences that each tobacco variety offer.

Artificial Tobacco Flavour

We've often experienced artificial flavours in sweets and drinks, you know, when your drinking a banana flavoured milkshake but the vendor has decided to use banana flavouring rather than the real thing. Sure it has a banana taste, but its not quite right and certainly does not do the justice needed by such a majestic and delicious fruit.

There is no maceration process with this type of tobacco e-liquid, in fact, it doesn't require any tobacco products at all, the flavours artificially mimic the tobacco taste.

Artificial flavours are meant to reproduce natural flavours by chemically reproducing the compounds that occur naturally. Scientists can achieve this by combining any number of man made or naturally occuring chemicals to yield the desired results.

Whilst there are some elements of artificial flavourings which do capture the tobacco taste, more often than not it simply misses the mark.

Which should you choose?

This is not a popularity contest, nor should you feel the need to be swayed to one or the other. We at Redback Vapery love our naturally extracted tobacco flavours and we are constantly trialling new tobacco varieties all the time. Why? Because tobacco isn't a simple flavour, and there are multitudes of different tobacco characters available which we love and want to introduce into our own range. However, we also offer a wide variety of artifical flavoured tobacco e-liquids which taste great too.

It all comes down to personal choice, and we believe you should experiment with all sorts. If you find a tobacco all day vape that you love, stick with it. Once you get tired of it, then you can always try something new. Thus the beauty of vaping.

Enjoy veeps!

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