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Our Custardtopia is a winner!

You little ripper! We are very fond of our custardtopia and receiving the silver premium quality seal from Vapers Garage really makes us proud!

The Vapers Garage Salted Caramel Review

Salted Caramel is quite a popular flavour now-a-days, there is Salted Caramel ice cream, milk shakes, even sweets. There is just something about adding salt to a typical sweet dessert that gets the taste buds going crazy!

The Vapers Garage 2BAC Review

“2Bac” is a rich, deep flavoured tobacco, a little nutty, and a whole lot ‘smokey’, it has quite a full impression that sucks you in with it’s warm notes and well balanced profile.

The Vapers Garage Black Honey Review

Black Honey Tobacco is one of those polarizing flavours, some love it some hate it. What Redback Vapery have done with this flavour however, really is impressive.

The Vapers Garage Wonderland Review

This one is quite the interesting flavour. A thick full bodied flavour machine, with each note intricately balanced against the rest creating a lovely rich dessert.

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