Join us in the utopian world where custard rules.

Custardtopia is a dessert that just keeps giving, though It’s hard to describe the appeal to someone who has never tried it.

This flavor isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill custard. If you are a fan of custards, this is hands-down one of the most complex yet balanced custards the market has ever seen. You can expect an incredibly smooth and creamy vanilla custard that’s perfect in every single way.

At Redback Vapery We use only the highest quality, finest ingredients, from right here in Australia for all of our e-liquids, which means we can make sure that they are all bursting with great tasting flavours.

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The Vapers Garage Review: Custardtopia by Redback Vapery

I’ve actually only just read the description of this, and to see the word smooth mentioned there, just verifies what I am tasting. If there was one word to describe this custard, it is indeed ‘Smooth’.

Of course there is custard in there too! A sweet and lightly spiced vanilla custard, that seems to me to be not quite as heavy as other custards.

I’d best describe “Custardtopia” as being an unusually smooth, vanilla custard, lightly spiced, with a thick airated creaminess and soft silky tones.

Or I could just say it’s the smoothest of the smoothiest smoothes you’ll ever smoothly smooth over!

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Flavour Style Dessert
PG/VG Blend 70/30
Size 30ml

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